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Love Nature?

Making great choices easy...

Our Goals

Take Action to be Earth-Friendly!


Dear all parents, grandparents and nursery teams,

We have put this together again to share ideas that we’ve all enjoyed building into our nurseries to help make us more responsible for our natural world.  This is a work in progress for us.  We hope you will all find some useful bits that are easy to implement,
very best wishes,

Amanda and Helena

Make resource choices that consider nature. Also choose your food wisely and how not to select plastic!

The UK produces a whopping 5.2 million tonnes of plastic each year and to this the Nursery sector contributes a great deal. Here’s what Nurseries and Parents can do to address this…

  • Work out your Carbon Footprint at The World Wildlife Fund is acting on climate change, we can too.

  • Make simple changes to reduce cost and climate warming.

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