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We are just finding out what we can do as a team at Nursery to help provide spaces for homes, support and also regeneration of wildlife.   We have planted trees where we can, but there is so much more to learn. This year and next we would like to focus on giving space for wildlife. 



On a small scale we can all make a big difference! We are aiming to encourage our staff and parents to consider putting aside a wild area in their garden or even wilding their whole garden.



Any ideas our parents have we would be really grateful for. Any pieces of land our parents would like us to wild we would love to help!  Always hopeful!

An amazing project at Knepp Estate, (Horsham, West Sussex), has transformed thousands of acres into natural land which now is home to a diverse population of animal wildlife fauna and flora.   This has been groundbreaking in UK and is a huge contribution to the continuance of some of our most threatened species.
-This is the central website for many more - 
There are lots of different counties who have Wildlife Trusts across Britain for example which is a joining up of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire.   These amazing people manage awesome spaces, both protecting, rewilding and regenerating.   Species previously  thought to be lost in Britain have been reintroduced carefully and sustainably supported to reestablish.   It is wonderful and inspiring to get involved in this progress and momentum for change and great outcomes for nature.  

Find out some wonderful facts about Wildlife and Nature by reading our articles below:

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